If you are like me I was going through about two transducers a year I stopped that costly problem. I have used one for two years and they work good. Havent destroyed any more. I am going to explane this the best way I can, if you have any edging that is for flower bed's the black type that is made of plastic use the stakes that come with it, some comes with 1/2" and some comes with 1" spikes use the 1" spikes (wigth) cut it to a length just about a 1/4" below your transducer, grind a point on it starting a the bottom on both sides and go up about a 1/2" up, not all the way. bon't go half way it will look like an arrow hed when you finesh. It will not slow you down. the curved part of the spike will fit the trolingmotor perfect, attach it with a hose clamp and you are protected. I hope you can figure this out because it workes. If you don't have any a nabor might just look in someones yard.