Hey ya'll, I work for Consumer Logic market research in Tulsa. We do opinion research on just about anything you can think of....products, services, issues, etc. and we pay our respondents for sharing their time and opinions with us. We've been in business over 40 years. It just so happens, we have been asked to conduct some PAID telephone interviews with Garmin Livescope owners. We just need about a half dozen more and need to conduct them tomorrow and Friday (May 9th and 10th). You will need to complete a very brief online questionnaire to determine your eligibility. Those that qualify and complete the 30 minute telephone interview will receive a $50 check by mail. I promise, there will be no attempt to sell you anything, now or in the future, as a result of this interview. Here is the link to the online survey, if you meet the qualifications, you will be able to schedule your appt for the phone interview then. Just copy the web address into your browser. <p>

(Admins - I hope this is allowed. If not, let me know.)