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Thread: Tournament results Normand may 18th

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    Default Tournament results Normand may 18th

    posts Thanks to all who fished on Saturday to get us to 20 boats fishing in a tournament. Yes, we finally broke the 17 boat count mark and did it with 20 boats fishing our May 18th 2019 tourney at Normandy. We ended up getting a boat or two from some new unexpected folks which helped us get to that 20 mark.

    14 of the 20 boats on Saturday found at least some fish to bring to weigh in. Broke down looks like this.

    Four boats found 7 fish limits

    One boat had 6 fish

    Three boats had 5 fish

    One boat had 4 fish

    Two boats had 3 fish

    One boat had 2 fish

    Two boats had 1 fish

    Six boats did not find any fish.

    Here are the teams that fished

    1 Jamie & Roger Johnson
    2 Terry & Tyler Spray
    3 JW & Kody Jackson
    4 Joey Davis
    5 Rodney & Coby Edwards
    6 Joey Steele Jr. & George Dyer
    7 Randy Clark & Del Hayes
    8 Tracy & Pam Farmer
    9 Larry Britton & Robert Baker
    10 Ryan McDaniel new member & Neil Davis-guest
    11 Brandon & Devin (New Members)
    12 Kevin Crittenden
    13 Mike Doyce & Allen (unknown)
    14 Tom Bunch & Richard P (new members)
    15 Dave ODell
    16 Toby Ivey & Matthew Nash
    17 Jimmy Banks (guest)
    18 John Bain (new member this year)
    19 Travis & Mandy Gusman
    20 Errick Crump & Paul Neese (new member)
    1st Place
    2nd place

    3rd place

    4th place

    5th place

    And big fish

    Sorry so late has been a very busy week.

    Good fishing all.

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    Can anybody fish these tournaments or do you have to be a club member, we’ve never fished a tournament and thought about giving 1 a try sometime

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