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Thread: Darbonne Gathering 2019

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    We (Steelguy, Doodler and myself) got home yesterday early morning, taking turns at the wheel, got a little rested up and wanted to say a few words.

    First a Big Thanks to Slab for the vision of this forum and the members of this forum.

    Next, the Maxwells......Juicy, Warren and Bud putting this all together is a lot of work and you guys hit a grand slam again this year.

    Then all of you fine folks who welcomed us Michiganders into your event and made us feel right at ( I think it was Miss Bonnie) said, it is like a big family reunion......that is the best way to describe the southern hospitality and down home charm that seems to be missing these days in so many ways.
    You all took the time to come up and talk to us and make us feel like your family......A Big Thanks to ya'll it is so very much appreciated!

    The sponsors who gave prizes......wonderful prizes and so many of them too! I was able to win a 12' southern Crappie rod which I will definately put to use.

    Some of you are more than just aquaintances (sp?) to me, there are year around calls, texts etc. and I appreciate that friendship.

    The ladies who made those deserts and helped out to make this event.....a tip of the cap to you as well!

    In closing, I looked forward to your event and it did not dissapoint, I will be making a YouTube video of it and will post when it's up.

    and lastly, if we Michiganders can return the favor and you got some time to visit Michigan when it's warm.......we have our event in June.

    Thanks again to each and every one of you!
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    Yeah Steve, ya just cant find that kind of hospitality anywhere but down south. I've run into it many times at the events I've had the pleasure of attending below the Mason Dixon line. You said it all so well that I'll just add my "amen to that" and let it lay. Thanks to all from the Doodler!

    Name:  20191107_Just Steve and Skipa.jpg
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    Steve and Skipa chewin' the fat

    Name:  20191107_multitalented Wilbur.jpg
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    John found a new use for Wilbur

    Name:  20191108_Wilbur goes to gathering.jpg
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    Wilbur goes to the Friday night meet and greet

    Name:  20191109_Steelguy lst fish.jpg
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    Saturday John finds the first fish

    Name:  20191109_Steelguy and Bassnlady.jpg
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    Jeri (Bassnlady) finds fish too

    Name:  20191109_Dooder's dink.jpg
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    I found something that will be a fish one day

    Name:  20191109_Pokin' the cypress.jpg
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    Lookin' in the rabbit holes

    Name:  20191110_Bayou morning.jpg
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    Sunday morning on da bayou

    Name:  20191110_Some of the biguns.jpg
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    Some of the catch

    Name:  20191111_My contribution to the trip.jpg
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    and contribution to the trip. Sorry again John. That love struck buck just had one thing on his mind.
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    Don , you and Steve pretty much covered anything I could say!
    everyone down there made me feel right at home, good times good food and good friends!!!!!!
    thank you all again.
    fillet em n fry em
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    Glad to see you "Michigan" guys got home safe...I didn't know about the buck...thanks for coming down and visiting us "down south guys".....thanks for the pictures and looking forward to the video....

    This could be the Day....
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    Want to add my 2 cents worth. Juicy, Brother Warren and Mr. Bud, thank you for once again hosting a great gathering. I had a great time. It was good to see some of the friends I made a year ago and to get a chance to make some more. Mr. Bruce, it was a pleasure talking with you. Good to see the Watt gang again, dang those boys are getting big! I got a chance to visit with Josh Andrews and he is a great father and a great person. Thanks also to my "posse" from Michigan for making the trip down with me. After the first couple of days I was sure they would think there were no fish in D'arbonne but we managed to put some very good fish in the boat the last two days. Danny, the secret to catching fish in Louisiana is to actually fish. All I saw you do is ride around in the boat. Just kidding, my friend. Anyways, thanks to all that made us feel so welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spartannation View Post
    Danny, the secret to catching fish in Louisiana is to actually fish. All I saw you do is ride around in the boat.
    Sounds like they figured you out Danny! lol I bet they didn't hold your beer hostage though! Come to think of it, if you had been fishing with me last year, you would have had your beer and some fish! You know I got to mess with you buddy! Glad everyone had a great time and a safe trip home!
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