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Thread: Live Bait Cost Effectiveness

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    Quote Originally Posted by T_om View Post
    There are a TON of different techniques all piled in under the name "spider rigging". There is a poll running right now that is esentially worthless when it comes to asking about "spider rigging' as a favorite technique.

    The term originated, as far as I know, years ago and back then meant wind drifting minnows with multiple poles out. In some cases 20 or more.

    But now it has morphed into a meaningless catch-all term supposedly covering any boat fishing more than 1 rod over the side, even covering what we are doing... pushing jigs.

    We use 20 foot carbon fiber poles. We found getting the lures away from the boat as far as possible helped the catch rate. When we first started we used 16 and 18 footers. We sit in the front of the boat side by side and fish 8 to 10 (usually 8) poles out the front of the boat.

    Our rigs, going from lure to reel are:

    Jig (no minnows any more, not necessary)
    3 foot fluorocarbon leader 4 pound test.
    Smallest duolock snap clip made
    SPro tiny swivel
    Slide 3/4 to 1 1/2 ounce (depending on depth fished) onto our main line which is either 6 or 8 pound Power Pro braid.

    These rigs are spread across the front of the boat from dead ahead to 90 degrees off either side. We are essentially straining a 40 foot wide swath across our path. We push these from 1 to 1.5mph and cover a lot of ground.

    That is about as far as you can get from wind drifting 20 poles with minnows, yet people still call it "Spider rigging". Oh well.

    Well thanks for helping me sort that out. I suppose then it is either drifting with the wind, or direction control drifting under power, with a bunch of rods in the water, and you can call it whatever suits your fancy. lol
    Your rig, as I understand your description, is essentially a sliding sinker rig?
    In that you start by sliding the sinker on the main line, then attach a small swivel on the end of the main line, then a small coast lock snap onto the swivel, followed by a length of fluro leader to the jig on the bottom?
    The fluro leader grabbed my attention frankly. Ive watched lots of videos from well known people who claim that Crappies aren't line shy and color don't matter. But obviously you don't subscribe to that theory?
    Since your using 4# for the leader, im assuming its plain fluro line and not fluro leader material?
    Ive got lots of spools of fluro leader from my salt water days, but ive never seen it in that small line strength.

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    We use this for leader: : Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon 200 yards Fishing Line (4-Pounds) : Sports & Outdoors

    And yes, to me fluorocarbon makes a difference. We use sliding sinkers rather than fixed because when a crappie shakes his head, we don't want him able to use the fixed sinker as a fulcrum to yank the hook... the head shakes are transmitted to the flexible rod.

    This rig works for us, in the lakes we fish, YMMV.


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