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Thread: Texas Fly Fishing

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    Default Texas Fly Fishing

    I learned to fly-fish while I lived in New England. I was stationed at Fort Devens in Massachusetts when I retired from the Army and ended up staying around, but not for long. I joined a local church and there were a group of fly-fishermen that attended, and one took me under his wing and taught me most of what I know today.

    So, as I said I did not stay up North for very long and found myself just outside Dallas Texas. My wife had been offered a job there and the New England winters had gotten to us so off we went. It was shortly after arriving and unpacking our moving boxes I decided to take the cardboard to the local dump. Pulling up to the entrance I noticed a small creek running along the other side of the dirt road. I took my boxes to the recycling area and on my way out I stopped by the creek. It has been, and still is, my habit to carry an inexpensive 5wt and a few flies behind the seat of the truck. I put the rod together, strung it up and made my way down the bank to the creek. Immediately I started catching good sized bluegill and little bank-runner bass. I saw a truck pull up behind mine and a real cowboy got out, cowboy hat and boots and all. He came up to me and said: “What are you doing, there ain’t no trout in there.” I explained I was catching bluegills and bass and how fly-fishing is not for trout only. As if on cue, a three-quarter pound bass jumped my foam spider and I quickly hauled it in to show my observer. Without a word, he turned and walked away, got in his truck and spewed gravel as he left in a hurry. I wondered if I had said something to offend him. Not 10 minutes later the same truck pulls up again and this time two cowboys get out and head my way. I can hear the first telling the second how: “This fellow is catching bass on a fly rod.” I proceed to show them the rod and little foam spiders I was using and how I cast it to any likely spot in the little slow-moving creek. After catching a few fish, I offer the rod to one of them and with not much guidance he plops the spider down and a healthy bluegill sucks it down. Before long the two of them are trading turns after each one lands a fish. We must have spent an hour wearing out the bluegills and bass. I do believe I made two fly-fisherman that day by the side of the road in Carrollton Texas.
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    Yeah, it amazes me how many people think "fly rods are for trout". Well, they are, but they're for everything else, too. Fly Fisherman magazine has its annual "gear guide" issue on newsstands now, and there's an article about a guy who has caught every species of billfish on the fly (blue marlin, black marlin, etc.)
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    I keep my 5w in my truck all the time. Nice post!
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    Howdy All;

    Learned fly casting on a lake in Ohio almost 10 years ago. Caught a bunch of gills and such then,
    Moved to Ut. maybe 8 years ago, learned the trout routine ... now I'm in Southern N.M. back to
    gills an such. Gonna have to learn more about Black Crappie in the southwest desert.

    If I were to keep a rod in my truck when it hits 100+ I wouldn't have a rod any more.


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