Hey guys first time posting in a long while, first time in this mgmt forum. Iíve recently inherited, so to speak, a small 3.5 acre irrigation pond here in the piedmont of NC. Itís in great shape, clear water, 1-3ft deep around the banks with an average of about a 10ft deep middle. Itís spring fed and stays at a consistent level. Iíve got quite a bit of bushy pond weed in some of the coves and a scattering of it along the entire edge of the pond. Mixture of pines and small hardwoods grow to the shoreline on 90% of the pond with a cleanly mowed pond dam being the only open shoreline. Very few trees or structure in the water along the bank. The fishing Iíve come to find is excellent. Crappie ranging from 8-14Ē, slim but healthy looking. Plenty of hand sized bluegill and largemouth averaging 14-16Ē. This is primarily an irrigation pond, fishing pond second so I need to get a handle on the weeds as theyíre clogging up my intake lines. Iíd like to incorporate some carp to achieve this and maintain the fishing quality. To my understanding this pond has not been managed in any way for several years, 15-20 I would guess. Any suggestions on some amateur pond management strategies? How much carp, how many crappie bass etc I should be taking out? Iíd love to have the best of both worlds in creating a good functioning irrigation pond and great crappie fishery. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance!