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  • Is a simple thank you enough?

    This is a thread about a true American hero and what we can do to honor him. I ask all C.c members to look at this and help out anyway you can.

    Some of us have seen a video posted by Skip Nantz, known to us as Skiptomylu. This video is about his son SFC(R) Randy Nantz. He is not your usual guy. He is extraordinary and wanted nothing more in life than to be a Green Beret, a protector of us all. He worked harder than most would ever be able too, and at an age much older than most of his comrades he made his calling come true. He proved to all skeptics that he was born to do this job. He proved what human desire and hard work can accomplish. He is a Green Beret.

    View his video to see what fate dealt this hero. Then hopefully you will understand my passion for wanting to honor him. As fate would have it, he was dealt a blow that could have downed him. But he has the DNA of a patriot, this is a man who would not be counted out. He simply saw new challenges to face, and he faced them head on. He was retired from the uniform, but found a way to continue his personal contact with it. He now works for the Green Beret Foundation. There he interacts in the lives of his comrades, all heroes. There he still represents.

    Published on Nov 22, 2013 SFC Randy Nantz enlisted in the Army after 9/11/01. After completing basic training at Fort Benning, GA, he reported to 3rd Infantry Division located at Fort Stewart, GA. In January of 2003, SFC Nantz deployed to Kuwait to prepare for the Iraq invasion. After the initial phase of Iraq was over, he redeployed back home August 25, 2003. He then went to SFAS, Special Forces selection course in January of 2004 and successfully graduated as a Communications Sergeant March in 2006. SFC Nantz reported to 5th Special Forces Group Airborne and deployed to Iraq in August 2006. On Dec. 22nd of 2006 his vehicle was hit by an EFP which is a devastating roadside bomb. SFC Nantz sustained traumatic injuries that resulted in 22% 3rd degree burns, large muscle tissue loss, and severe nerve damage which ultimately led to a lower left leg amputation.

    Is a simple thank you enough? We have many veteran's on this sight. Please all of you and all members, take time to watch the video. Then go to the link for donations to the Green Beret Foundation and donate in his honor. Any amount will matter, and donations are tax deductable. A drop down tab has been added to the "donate to" box that says "Honor SFC(R) Randy Nantz/ C.c. Click on this and we will be able to track and update our C.c member donations. Please represent.

    Green Beret Foundation Donations are done through Common Grounds Secure Servers, click here:

    Also, please add any thanks and words or encouragement to this thread, Randy will visit it from time to time.

    He is an American Hero, a protector of us all, a Green Beret. He is SFC(R) Randy Nantz

    Thanks Skip for sharing this video, thanks to the GBF for your gracious help, and thanks Slab for all you do.

    I chose this time to launch this on purpose, as it is a time of Thanksgiving. I know Holidays add an extra financial burden, but buy a few less baits, skip a fishing trip, buy one less present and donate. Thank you, Daniel Pisani USAF 73-77
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    1. Barnacle Bill's Avatar
      Barnacle Bill -
      May you always have Fair winds and following seas Randy. Thank you for your service.
    1. captankangaroo's Avatar
      captankangaroo -
      Thanks Randy! There arent enough words to say how greatful we are to have men and women like you. THANKS GOD BLESS!!!
    1. STUMP HUNTER's Avatar
      For a day of Thanksgiving, a day to be thankful for all we have. I am thankful for you Randy and for what you have given. THANK YOU.
    1. Billbob's Avatar
      Billbob -
      hang in there
    1. mdperson's Avatar
      mdperson -
      Thank you
    1. DCottrell's Avatar
      DCottrell -
      Thanks Randy, you are truly an American Hero and I thank you, Wish you the best.
    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Thanks Randy.....may God Bless
    1. RagflyJigMan's Avatar
      RagflyJigMan -
      Don't know if you remembewr me Randy but I am the one that made that big latch hook rug for you. You definately deserve all the praise because of your bravery. GOD Bless you my friend.
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