• What I learned on my SC vacation, or how to fish two on a Livescope...

    Some of you all may know I was in South Carolina last week at Whitey Outlaw's writers camp. To put it mildly, it was awesome. First writers camp where we didn't have to worry about the “vid”, although I did take lots of vids, aka videos! Lol.....My daughter would call that “dad humor”.

    Anyway, the fishing was great, the company was great, I learned a ton, and the entertainment was even great. More about the entertainment later.

    So lets get started, the fishing was actually pretty tough. We could see fish, but we couldn't get them to bite. You really had to work for them. Whitey and his son Matt showed me how they do it with the two of them operating like a machine over one Livescope. This was the learning experience. Matt would run the Livescope and cast as he would normally do if he were fishing alone. But there was Whitey standing to his side and casting right behind his cast. They were fishing brush piles, and when the fish would not bite, Whitey would grab a slip bobber rig and put a minnow right on top the structure.

    They used Precision Crappie Rods with Slime Line. The Slime Line was 4 LB test Champion Edition “Super Stretch”. The Super Stretch part was the cool part. This stuff stretches a lot more than normal mono-filament, and they say that's why they don't loose the big fish. As some of you know, I'm not a big fan of 4lb test. I'd opt for the 6lb test, but that's just me cause I hate loosing jigs on trees! Doh

    Here's a video Whitey made for me describing the Slime Line.

    And here's another video of Whitey and Matt fishing like I described over one Livescope. Pretty cool. These guys got it down pat.

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    1. SuperDave336's Avatar
      SuperDave336 -
      Good article and videos. Thanks for sharing
    1. Barnacle Bill's Avatar
      Barnacle Bill -
      Good post. Thanks
    1. BuckeyeCrappie's Avatar
      BuckeyeCrappie -
      Good stuff!
    1. Slab's Avatar
      Slab -
      They are an awesome team together.
    1. Micanopy's Avatar
      Micanopy -
      Looks like you got remotivated all over again.
    1. Jamesdean's Avatar
      Jamesdean -
      Lots of great info on these Slab. Thank you for sharing.
    1. Retired2Fish's Avatar
      Retired2Fish -
      Great info. More techniques will expand your opportunities. Thanks for sharing.
    1. CrappiePappy's Avatar
      CrappiePappy -
      Very Cool !!
    1. Herewego's Avatar
      Herewego -
      Good article, good tips and good trip to South Carolina.
    1. RogerA's Avatar
      RogerA -
      Good info, thanks for sharing!
    1. Ketchn's Avatar
      Ketchn -
      love me some tandem livescoping , especially when it involves folks that use it a lot .
      nice read
    1. shipahoy41's Avatar
      shipahoy41 -
      I just might have to get me some of that super stretch slime line. I have seen many tournament fishermen catch both Bass and Crappie using livescope. It is like playing a really cool video game. I know in my lifetime this technology has passed me by, but I am encouraged that it is available for the younger, next generation of fishermen.
    1. rojoguio's Avatar
      rojoguio -
      Shiners have been doing all the heavy lifting for us this year. Watching a refusal on the screen after the Crappie runs right up to the jig is proof of the refusal. Even with shiners as one of my friends said "they stand around and vote on who is going to bite the shiner"............so true. Makes for a slow fishing day. At least with a Panoptix and Livescope you know fish are there to begin with.
    1. NIMROD's Avatar
      NIMROD -
      The super stretch line may help but unless fishing super deep why use 4lb line ? I know it would tend to sink faster and cast farther. I favor heavier line like 8lb test and many use braid . Most say Crappie are not line shy. Guess it comes down to personal preference.
      As for minnows I have not used them in years . Been wondering if they would bite a minnow after turning down a jig while watching on livescope .
    1. Hanr3's Avatar
      Hanr3 -
      I saw them on youtube earlier. Nice!!!
    1. hdhntr's Avatar
      hdhntr -
      nice technique for those who want it I guess but vast majority of us have no intentions of getting it and IMO way too much time is spent by writers talking about it or video's on it. Personally whenever the LS is brought up I stop reading or viewing. The seniors I know especially have a really difficult time in getting it adjusted where it works well and give up on it. of course those of us who fish mostly from banks or docks have little interest in it. JMHO

      Glad you had a great time anyway Slab.
    1. skeetbum's Avatar
      skeetbum -
      I feel it’s a natural progression of the technology. Canepole turned a transducer sideways in an experiment years ago so it’s not something that hasn’t been considered. As a novelty it’s cool but the way I feel is that it’s a tool for those who make money winning tournaments or putting customers on giant fish only. I fish for enjoyment and don’t need it to enjoy my day. Smaller waters big fish populations will be diminished if it’s used extensively IMHO. I don’t think they should be used in any competition.

      Glad it was a good trip and that you got educated on them by some of the best. Maybe you can change my mind one day.
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