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  • Best Trip Ever Part Two

    This is part two of my "Best Trip Ever" mini series! Part one can be read here:

    In the afternoon I fished with Greg Robinson of Greg's Guide Service on Beaver Lake in Arkansas (479-601-1683 [email protected]). With Greg we did exactly the same thing, chasing fish with live scope while spider rigging. But with Greg I learned some additional techniques. Greg will lower or raise his baits quickly to meet the fish, and he'll also back up the boat to meet the fish. Brad may have done the same, but it did not take in this old mans brain till Greg showed me. This kind of fishing almost seems like cheating, but it's certainly entertaining. Just because you can find the fish, you still can't make them bite, and that was the case this afternoon. We found fish, but they were neutral, most would not bite. Just watching their behavior was cool though. You can learn a lot by watching their movements, and the movements of your bait. The bait would actually scare the fish sometimes. Other times they would just stare at it watching it, and then just swim off. Very frustrating at times.

    Ken Perrotte, super guy and Outdoor Writer. I had fun fishing with you Ken. Check him out at

    To go along with the “best trip ever”, I must be the “luckiest man ever”. Now shhhh, keep this next part to yourself. There are some folks out there that think I'm a writer. I mean a real certified, outdoor writer. I may be certifiable alright, but I ain't no writer. The only thing I might be qualified for is an amateur “story teller”. Or better yet, a “picture story” teller. After all, I did take a photography class once back in high school! Anyway, since some folks think I'm a real writer, they invite me to “writers camps”. How lucky am I.

    But wait, it's gets better. They give me toys to try out. Wowser, ya gotta love it. And lookie at all this pile of goodies I got this time. It's unreal. I love knives and these Smith's Knives are awesome, Smith's Mr. Crappie Knives too.

    I've played around with a few. Love these short stubby ones to carry around. I especially liked the stubby LILCHONCHO one (center knife in that first pic). I carried it and used it a couple times while on this trip. It's sharp as heck (420 Stainless). It's stiff, sturdy and no play in the blade at all. I used it to cut parts of the sole of my gym shoes off a couple times. It seems my shoes are really old and the glue they used just started to fall apart. By the end of the trip I cut one whole bottom part of shoe off, and half the other. The thing is, in Florida I pretty much never wear shoes anymore. I just wear sandals everywhere I go, and I've been here about 9 years now. So these gym shoes may have looked new, but they're prolly well over 9 years old, and the glue is decaying.

    OK, back to the knives. I'll be checking more of these out over time as I use them, but I'm loving what I see. The quality is very high throughout. Unlike other knives I've used, the 7” filet knife actually has backbone. And it comes with a nice sheath as well. Like I said, I really like what I'm seeing so far.

    That's Greg Robinson using the electric filet knife. He said it worked great, and is looks like it gets through the bones like butter. I think I'm gonna like using it next time I clean some fish. Billbob, c'mon down, I got a reason to clean more fish for you! Lol – A little inside joke cause I cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned more fish than I prolly ever cleaned, when he was just down a few weeks back. He and his sister drove down cause of covid, so he had a cooler to fill! And we did just that too.

    Here, I wanted to show you the sheath and how close fitting it is. Also, there's a "Large" sized t-shirt I used as a backdrop. Not sure why I used it, but just happened across it. It's a really old design. Some of you maybe even have this shirt, but I've not sold it in a long time. It's brand new, never been worn. Please post here proof that you're a mens size large, and be the first to do so, and it's yours. Thanks. See, little things like this might incentivize y'all to read all the way to the end of my boring stories from now on, right!
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      Barnacle Bill -
      Great! Keep em comin.
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      Good looking knives
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      I'm a Large Slab!
    1. hdhntr's Avatar
      hdhntr -
      you just sent me couple Large tshirts so there's your proof! LOL