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    I would like to Thank Slab and all the mods for running a great board without the foul language. It sure feels good to sat down and to read reports without have to skip some because of the language. Thank guys.

    Iíll have to agree wholeheartedly with that statement. Thanks to the mods but just as much to the members here who respect each other and their selves.

    Thanks to our to Little John for posting this. I could not have said it better. I don't like to dig through trash either.

    one thing for certain its a really nice place to hang around ....
    I love the lack of sideways comments and trash talking myself ....
    some forums are just full of keyboard commandos running wild and free .....

    Lots great folks here! And most prolly wouldnít be here if they had to wade through the trash I know I wouldnít be .
    I really appreciate the hard work to keep it clean and the respect of those that help keep it that way.

    Yes, it is a nice reprieve from the rest of the internet. I might have disagreed where the line should be once, but that is my bad and I am in full support of the policy. Great job guys!!

    If the trash and vulgar talk had been allowed here, in my opinion, then, would have never made it to the amount of members there is today. And when I say members, I mean quality members. Plus you wouldn't see people asking for prayers, and receiving them. God is real and here. Other placers, you don't see that.

    Iíve been a member for probably almost as long as anyone on this site. Maybe not as active in the posts category as some, but a serious time commitment lol. I can say for sure that Crappie.Com has always felt like coming home. I have always been able to count on visiting here and feel like Iím sitting around with some good ole boys and girls catching up on the crappie scene.
    This has always been a safe haven if you will during lifeís winding road.
    Thanks to Slab and all the moderators, and all the on here. I appreciate yaíll

    My second home for just over 13 years. Made many friends and have learned more than I ever dreamed. My thanks to one and all that have added in part to making it what we all enjoy. None better.

    Greatest crappie site out there. I have been here maybe4years. I still canít believe how helpful everyone on here is. Iíve never reached out to anyone who wasnít willing to help all they could. Iíve had one misunderstanding with a member on here. He was kidding and I was just getting past my dad passing away and was mad at the world. I later apologized and now consider him a good friend. We even fished together not long ago. Sorry for the rambling. Just taking the opportunity to say how grateful I am for such a great site.
    Damion Kidd

    This is a great website thanks to Slab and all the moderators. Also the members that want to keep it this way. Thanks to everyone for keeping it God and family friendly.

    I love this site. Only place Iíve ever posted something on ďsocial mediaĒ. Never joined face book and never will because of all the non-sense. I like all the positivity on here. I love how everyone is supportive and willing to help fellow members with anything fishing related or life related. I also love that itís good people and no-one judges echother based on what boat , electronics, or equipment we have or donít have. Just awsome people that love to crappie fish. Thanks to slab,moderators & all the posters.

    Thanks to our to Little John for posting this.
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      "G" - Rocks !
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      Redge -
      It is a truly enjoyable place to come and read for a while.
      Outstanding job to everyone involved in making what it is!!

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      Speck Detector -
      1 of the very few places you don't have politics thrown in your face & greatly appreciate that fact, just knowledgeable fisherman w/Like interest sharing tactics on how to enjoy time outdoors on the water...Thanks All that make it happen!
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      Barnacle Bill -
      Thanks for the post
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      Badger -
      I agree with this 100% !
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      Ketchn -
      truly a great little landing in a sea of not nice on the internet for sure
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      BuckeyeCrappie -
      I really enjoy the site. Clean fun for everyone! Thanks to all for keeping it great!
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      Slab -
      Crappie fishermen and fisher women are the best.