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  • I needed to top 2 lb. 6 oz. to be famous

    The lake record for a black crappie at that lake is 2 lb. 6 oz . , Silly me found one under that at a mere 2 lb. 3 oz. on my lunch break yesterday .
    Was killing time and had a tip they might be on the south end of the lake I don't visit much from a bud that is a guide on that lake for crappie and white bass .
    Not having a boat or livescope or what is traditionally the way to go after them in there , I stopped by a pay 3 bucks to fish dock down by the dam .
    Now mind you this spot has nice black crappie as lakes go in these parts around the dfw metromess and to be sure I have managed a few real pretty ones in there before . Not many off that particular dock very often but sometimes you get lucky .
    So I paid my 3 bucks and dropped my jig and first drop I hook up , a black bass and I marched right back in the pay house with it and demanded a refund as I didn't pay 3 bucks to ketch those .
    the guy says well at least you got a fish and that's what its all about right ? I said yeah I suppose but I really want a crappie and back outside I went . then I ketched a bluegill and then I ketched a longear sunfish and then I said a prayer .
    it went something like this , please let me ketch just one crappie , it don't even have to be a big crappie , pretty please ..and next drop I got me a small white crappie
    well at that point I told myself you know mister ketchn even though I am the only soul around except for the guy in the pay station I think there are lots of fish down there and me and me should keep jigging for at least 30 minutes before we leave .
    At the 28 minute mark I hooked what I thought was brush and fishing line , then said to myself darnit ...then the brush and fishing line pulled kinda hard in a different way than it did on the hook set .
    The next thing you know its on like donkey kong and I say yep I hooked me a big black bass for sure . then all the sudden the fight changes dramatically and it goes into a monster cork screw thing and I am telling myself I think I got a world record bluegill on by golly
    Well it reaches the top and I am like HOLLY heck batman its a big ole slab crappie ,please come on up and enjoy the sunshine with me . I try to swing it up and its like wow a heavy fish and when I grab it I am like man oh man is she a fat dandy of a crappie .

    I marched down the dock to the pay station and went inside and say hey bud check this out . He glanced up and said yeah they been ketchn lots of those about that size lately
    and he points to numerous photos on the wall of black bass and I said hey sir , you might look a bit closer at this fish as it aint a BASS and he looked up again and went WOW what a crappie
    anyway we weighed it for grins and took 27 10 x 14 glossy color photos and I let her go on to being a big fat black crappie .
    I also managed a few small whites and a few small blacks and more bluegill as well and got my line broke right before I left by something under that dock that was a large finned creature and down the road I went with a smile .
    hope you enjoy the story and photos and have a great weekend
    p.s. around 15 foot of water about 14 foot down and a slow drift side to side and nothing bit hard , real subtle takes on a tiny handtie that just happened to resemble the little dead shad floating by on the surface in the breeze
    KABOOM is the word yawl

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      SuperDave336 -
      I'd say worth the $3 and 30 minutes of time!!! Very nice Ketchn!
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      Crestliner08 -
      Great story and one fine crappie! Congrats!
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      Fishin' Fool MA -
      Great Crappie. Lunch time well spent.
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      Speck Detector -
      Good 1 Ketchn
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      up2specks -
      Ketchn- Nice synopsis of your lunchtime that morphed into "crunchtime"!

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      Crappie ciller -
      Very good read!