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  • Caught. Few today.

    Got up this morning and it was 18 degrees. I hung around the house and at about 10:00.a.m. I told myself I need to get out.....thought I would give Nickajack a try...I’ve been cooped up too long. I wasn’t planing on going today but at the last minute hit the hi-way. My hopes were that the white bass would be stacked in there...they were nowhere to be found. I started a slow drift along the lock wall for bluegill. I was using a Major Craft 6’ 5” Truzer Ajing UL “Hard” model rod strung up with 2# test SOS line with a section of 2# test Phantom fluorocarbon leader. I was using a drop shot configuration with a # 6 cricket hook and a Bison colored Trout Magnet dipped in anise oil. For the 3 hours I fished the bite was steady....catching around 3 dozen good chunky Gills. As Jeff Smith has repeatedly said “Each body of water is different”. This is the first winter I have fished the tail race at Nickajack. If the bluegill stack up there in great numbers I have yet to discover that spot. I know right where to go at Pickwick to find them stacked. I also know Richard Simms has them located below Chickamauga Dam and Merv has them located below Old Hickory Dam. I will just have to keep looking. All in all it was a fun 3 hours...though I was cold. A lot of my drifting was done on a shaded wall. I did manage to find the buffalo stacked up and after I got one of those in on 2# test I left that area.....didn’t want to be fooling with those things today. A lot of sea gulls were in the area and some of them were feeding but 100’s of them were on the bank in the bay. The water temp was 39 degrees in the shade and 41 in the sunshine. One of the pics is of me heading back up Monteagle to get home. If you look at the shoulder of the road it looks like ice and or is is salt! First time I have ever seen that much salt on the roads here in TN.....of course I don’t want to be going up or down Monteagle with ice on the roads either....LOL. Life is good!


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    1. "G"'s Avatar
      "G" -
      Nice gills
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      3 pound fishing -
      nice Gills!
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      scrat -
      Wow! Nice catch. Thanks for sharing the report and pictures.
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      usafret99 -
      nice fish
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      elkhunter -
      Good looking gills!
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      Crestliner08 -
      Beautiful gills!
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      skeetbum -
      Wish I had been with you, nice gills.
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      Muskrat -
      Good job -- thanks for sharing.
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      Jiggah -
      Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing the report.
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      Alphahawk -
      Thanks for the comments. I did go back Thursday and found what I was looking for. Posted in the white bass forum.

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      Anchor Man -
      Very nice colors, thanks for sharing.