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Thread: 2006 Oldsmobile Alero; no start issue

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    Default 2006 Oldsmobile Alero; no start issue

    So, I have a friend who I have been trying my hardest to help but keep running into dead ends.
    her car is an Oldsmobile Alero 2006. It will not turn over. When the key is turned to start, the engine will perform just like its about to turn over and then nothing. I have tested everything that I can think of.

    spark: yes
    alternator: good
    starter: good
    fuel pump: good
    battery: good
    compression: good (does need a new head gasket)
    air filter: clean and unblocked
    crankshaft position sensors: good
    O2 sensor: good

    This car does have a pass-lock system that will shut the fuel injectors off if it does not recognize the car key, but I have no way of testing that. We performed the required reset function for the car to recognize the key, but still no start. I am very stumped with this issue. Aside from taking a chance and purchasing a new pass-lock system and installing something that may or may not be the issue and no ability to return such an expensive part is there anything else I can check that would cause a no start issue?

    Any input on this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Have you checked the timing belt? The only other thing is could be a fuse. In a case like this I usually find ALL the fuses and check each one. How did you check fuel pump? If it has compression,fuel and spark it should start and run.
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    Is the engine actually turning over? The passlock system will alow the car to start then dye and the security light will either flash or stay on steady. If the security light goes out once cranked it is good. Test fuel pressure at the test port with a guage. It will need at least 35 psi. How do you know the head gasket is out? If it is leaking internally and the engine is not turning over it could be hydro locked. Use caution cranking it over if it is hydro locked it could bend a connecting rod.
    Another helpful thing is it a 4 or 6 cylinder?
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