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Cane Pole
07-31-2005, 06:52 PM
Managed to pick up 15 nice crappie, 4 good size channel cats, and 2 good bass. The wind was up, and it was awful trying to troll with the pontoon. I was too lazy to put the crappie boat in the water. Ran across Paul and Vonna. They had picked up a few good fish on "Condos" we put out several weeks ago. Honey and I caught a lot of tater chips. But, it was still fun. Honey gave me a good spanking. I spent more time trying to control the pontoon than fishing. Sounds like a reasonable excuse to me. Lost one of my good rod holders. Plop, into the water it went. Oh well, sheeet happens. Most fish taken in 10 to 12 foot of water fishing bottom with minnows. Caught a lot of the dinks on a chartruse jig. Keeps me in practice. Fish tended to push the minnows up, instead of hitting and running with it. Very soft bites. Water temp about 84 degrees.

Had a Bass Tournament going on Saturday. The lake was buzzing with Bumble Bees. All of them were wearing the shoreline out. Them guys need to try lizzards out in the brushpiles. Thats where the Bassies were hanging out.


07-31-2005, 07:29 PM
Looks like Honey beat you again!!!!!

frank lawhead
07-31-2005, 09:27 PM
looks like what my wife does to me ---but I like to eat fish so I keep on takin her LOL

07-31-2005, 10:50 PM
Nice fish and good picture of Honey. That wind on KY lake can be a real bear at times. Sorry to hear about the lost of the pole holder. Hope it was not one of your good ones that you use on that other boat. Those are the nice multiple pole holders.

I hope you got your new fish sounder/gps unit by now. That should help you see things better.

I still have not ordered a new fish finder ...yet. I am holding onto the old humminbird that you gave to me. I will trade that one in to get a discount on the next humminbird that I eventually may get.

I went out today and took some photos of the pits that I fish and another creek that I found that is connected to the Ohio River. They catch some really big crappie out of this creek. It's the Little Pigeon Creek and it' enters the Ohio River right by the ALCOA plant.

If the pictures turn out I will scan them and post them. You should see the stumps that are in this creek. Man if this creek does not look like it's a crappie haven then I don't know what is. There are more than enough stumps and laydown to hold tons of crappie.

Talked to another guys this afternoon who was launching his boat and going out with his teenage son. They claimed to have caught 30 bass (all less than 18" except for one that went 3lbs) and a 2.5lb White Crappie. They caught them on crank baits and weedless jigs in 4 to 6 ft of water in the aquatic weeds. I have heard that crappie will go into the weeds even in the hot summer months and I guess it's because there is food there and plenty of dissolved oxygen up in the weeds. And I know that there is lots of critters hanging on the weeds themselves. They said that they caught these big crappie at the opposite end of the lake. So I kinda wonder what they were doing launching at the South end of this pit and not at the North end's launch ramp where they claimed to have caught the big fish. I can't launch my boat at the North end as it a gravel ramp and very shallow. I either need a four wheel drive vehilce that can go underwater or a smaller boat to launch at the North End. But I guess I can use the trolling motor and go from the South ends concrete boat ramp and troll up to the North end and fish there someday. That would be a long trip using just a trolling motor as the lake is more than a mile long. I took some pictures of this pit from some high ground and will see if they turn out. My good slr Pentax camera is broken so I am using my Pentax ME which still works ok. I tried taking some pictures with my Pentax LX camera and it still had a sticking shutter and was not working right. I am going to have to send that one back in to the Pentax factory and have it repaired.

About the fish not pulling the bobbers under. They do that here also. I went fishing the other day with my neighbor and use a bobber on one of the poles. I noticed that the bobber was up on the surface and laying on its side. Normally it's half way down into the water with just the top sticking out of the water. A fish had inhaled the jig and took the weight off the bobber and that was why it popped up and layed over on it's side. My buddie was not watching his bobber or didn't realize that a fish was on. So I got up from the front of the boat and went to set the hook at the back end of the boat. We ended up only catching 5 crappie that afternoon which was one of my worst days there recently. But some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you. LOL>

I hope all it well with you and Honey these days.