View Full Version : Tough but good day

02-09-2008, 10:42 PM
Got the rig out today and took the neighbors and my son fishing. Fishing was tough, only four but they were nice ones. Got to put on a demonstration of how to remove a hook that was in way past the barb. Two grown men and 2 younger boys almost lost it and it wasn't in them, it was in ME. If you haven't ever had to do this I'd reccommend practiceing on an apple or something like that with your fishing buddies. It's fairly simple and the only thing is have a bandage on hand. I left my first aid kit at the house, used some plastic bag and a rubber band to stop the bleeding. hehehe I never had a problem doing the hook removal because the third hand to hold the eye of the hook down sure helped but I doubt that I'll ever get my 27 yr old to hold it again. heheh As the world turns.... Ferdi aka Fred

father of 4
02-10-2008, 10:53 AM
Fred I hear ya on the hook removal. Hope your alright but I bet it hurt them more than you to watch hehe. How was the fishin there on Sam Rayburn. Did you go over to the black forrest? Theres some darn good crappie and hybrid fishing around them trees.