View Full Version : New stuff I'm using this year....Product wise

01-30-2007, 05:47 AM
I found the Mr. Crappie line in 6lb test at the BPS the other day and bought some. Made in USA??!! I was shocked!!! So, I hope it holds up to the test. We shall see.

Beadreaux's Baits. I will be using the 124th oz. (yep 124th oz.) under a cork on rip rap as the spawn starts up. More on that to come.

Also got NEW Optima Yellow Top for Trolling Motor. Already sleeping better knowing no liquid acids on my boat!!!

And the Uncle Buck Crappie Reel (made in China) UB10 in metallic red colored plastic. Much more pretty than the simple black I have. I got 2 of these simply because they didn't have the little black one's. Still just $5 ea.

01-30-2007, 09:12 AM
Well, I'm just getting back into fishing, but I've got Okuma Avenger spinning reels, BnM rods, two Sam Heatons in 7' and 12', and two other BnM 12' rods....I'm ignorant to soft plastics, so I've got Yum wooly beavertails, culprits "Swim Fin Grubs" and some Microspoons....I have all kinds of "attractant scents...I love the idea of making my own scents...So, if anyone can give me some suggestions on making "pastes" and things, give me a shout.....DemoMan