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Mary's JUM JUM Crappie Recipe

Ray's Beer Batter Recipe

 Hadsall's Double Trouble It's called double trouble because it is double coated and double delicious

 Nauti Buoy's Baked Stuffed Robert J. Pandiscio
 Keeton's Blackened Crappie Recipe Try it!

 Tom.J.'s breaded crappies My family has loved them for years

 Eric's Tex-Mex Crappie "Put a little South of the Border zing into your crappie slabs this spring"

 Robert's Crappie Recipe hot sauce and mustard

 Pontoon Bob's Crappie Recipe buttermilk recipe

 Pontoon Bob's Stir Fry Recipe includes peppers for a little spice

 Pope's Texas Crappie Simple easy to use recipe

 Coleman's Crappie Recipe Here is a recipe that I recently heard of from a long time (70+ years)

 Bill Graba's Crappie Recipe Best and easiest recipe I've ever used!

 Glen Smith's Crappie Recipe Try this one!

 Pat's Kansas Crappie Recipe This will be one of your most enjoyable

 Here's a baked recipe that my husband and I found . It is a little healthier than most of the fried fish recipes and taste good!

 Ron's Smoked Specks ...great eating

 Ballenger's Crispy Dill Baked Crappie The sweet taste of Miracle Whip and the flavor of Dill combined with butter makes these delicate crappie filets disappear F-A-S-T!

 Sharp's Crappie Recipe Your tongue will slap your face!!

 Pope's Baked Crappie Pretty healthy, real easy, and plenty good


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