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Thread: Hybrid Yellow Bass

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    Default Hybrid Yellow Bass

    Had a customer pull in this huge yellow bass on Saturday the 17th. Upon further inspection and with the broken lines near it's tail, it seems to be a hybrid Yellow. At the time I thought nothing but wow, what a big yellow! Another guide mentioned he thought it might be a hybrid. It was about 13 inches long and better than a pound. The Kentucky record is only 1' 6.4 oz and I believe this fish was short of that weight but close. Need to be more vigilant but after 5 trips in 7 days my thinker was a bit discombobulated!!! Here's a pic of that fish and Saturday's family!! That lure is a SteelShad Bladebait. Worked properly it is the deadliest lure for any fish that swims IMHO!!
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    That was a good sized one
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    Nice fish! Looks like every yellow bass I've ever caught in the Mississippi River. Broken lines are very common in our fish, and in fact I'm not sure I remember seeing one without it?

    13" is a dandy. We get some monsters on the Miss but rarely that size, most of the real giants top out around 12.5-13". I've been 2 ounces and 3 ounces short of the Iowa state record (1-7 and 1-6), they sure do look huge in person when they get that size!

    I have seen two hybrid yellow x white bass come from Clear Lake Iowa, they look a bit different and are very different shaped, they are almost shaped like a Wiper if you know what that is (white bass x ocean striped) but have a golden tint and a tiny little head.

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    I hold the Oklahoma state record yellow bass hybrid at 2 lbs 5 ozs and 15 1/2 inches. At one time it was a world record for several years, an IGFA world record, Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame world record and 8 # line class record.
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