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Thread: some trips this summer

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    Default some trips this summer

    A few pictures from this summer. The whites are full of shad and so are the yellows. Big fat fish. Not one skinny runt. Had one white vomit up seven shad after he got in the boat after eating my Gold SteelShad Bladebait. That little girl Rose melted my heart and reeled in all my fish for me...and touched everyone of them. To see kids keep "Checking" the livewell or cooler reminds me of when I was a boy and the dinosaurs were still alive. Looks like off season back surgery is a possibility but fishing until end of October. Crappies should be firing up any day now. Can't wait to crank again. My hands cannot take much more of the pull from a huge whitebass much longer. Arthritis sucks. Final pic is me down 95 pounds. If I can do it anybody can do it!

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    I love white bass. Congrats!

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    I wish we had those here on Wylie again. You got it going on and thank you for the pictures!
    White perch has ruined our White bass and Crappie populations. I hear the bass guys aren't catching as many bass now! Gonna be tough fishing if it don't get better.
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    20 years ago, White bass were plentiful in all the lakes on the Catawba river chain. Once we started catching white perch, the WB population started crashing and now they're so scarce the NCDNR has begun stocking them in Lake James. I have so many fond memories of how great the fishery was back then...…


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    Awesome trips
    Personal Best 17 1/2"
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