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Interested in the Mega 360 also. Please keep up the testing and fine tuning. I see potential use for Crappie and White perch fishing in it also. Does it work when slow trolling tight lines at .3 to .5 mph ? Thanks for the information, very good reading on something I know nothing about
Actually, the slower you are trolling the better. My hope is that, at 2.5 MPH, I can identify schools of Stripers 100 to 120' out and in time to change my course to go through them. I haven't proven that out yet. I've done some testing on the various color palettes and the one that is blue & Green, I think maybe #9 seems to work well. The blue background doesn't overpower the water column and the chartreuse green highlights make it easier to pick out fish from the bottom structure. Still tweaking things to come up with the best sweep speed, sensitivity, sweep speed, and color palette. The lake I fish is up to 150' deep but the fish are typically holding over a 25' to 60' bottom. Also, it is mostly a rock bottom so I get "hard" returns on the bottom which makes it harder to identify fish outside of the water column area.

Still a work in progress