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Thread: Where Are The Eastern Panhandle Crappie?

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    Default Where Are The Eastern Panhandle Crappie?

    Hey guys. This is my first post, so in advance thank you for having me. I've been living in Martinsburg for a few months. Moved here from Oklahoma, and the fishing cultures are pretty much complete opposite. In OK we're usually after white bass, stripers, and crappie. Here in the mountains I've come to learn that it's all about trout and smallies. Catfish are a given in both states, of course.

    Is there anywhere nearby where I can satisfy my crappie fix? I miss catching them so there's nothing like pan fried crappie to lift the spirits! I've heard Poor House Pond has them but the vegetation in the water is so thick it's impossible to fish. Also heard Sleepy Creek Lake but I don't have a boat.
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    Sorry I can't help you but welcome aboard Crappie.Com mrghost!!

    P.S. the WV forum seems to be dead.

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