The West TN Crappie Club will be hosting a tournament at birdsong marina ramp 4/30/16.

Registration- 5:45am - 6:00am at the birdsong marina ramp
Start - 6:30am
Stop time - 2:30pm
Weigh in - 3:00pm - at the birdsong marina ramp

Weigh in 7 live crappie and will payout 1 in 3 boats plus pays 1st and 2nd Big Fish.
This is an open tournament so you don't have to be a member of WTCC to fish it.
You can launch at any ramp at ky lake, but the registration and weigh in will be at the birdsong marina ramp.

Entry fee is $60/boat (non-member) and $50/boat (member).

If you plan to fish or have any questions, call Jamey (731-441-3429) by 7pm on Thursday (4/28) so that we know who all plans to fish.