Hey fellas:

Im new to the forum and to the world of fishing. I fished before but it was Saltwater in
West Palm Beach, Fl and I was 18 years old. Looooooooooong time ago lol.

Anyways. I work for a local sporting goods store (I'm the gun guy / 8 years experience ) and this store has a fishing section. I have no clue about freshwater fishing or fishing overall. So it was bothering me because I wasn't able to help customers the way they deserve.

So to be open with you all here is the other reasons I want to get back to fishing:
1. Enjoy a new hobby.
2. Learn how to fish for self reliance purposes.
3. The most important of all..........I have a 3 year old son. He is my only son and I want him to be self reliant, to enjoy the outdoors ( hunting and fishing and camping ) and to have something additional to enjoy with him and bond with.

I got his mom involved so I bought her the same crappie lures and jigs I bought. She is excited about it.

Im open minded fellas so share all the knowledge you can and want with me and help with this new phase in my life.