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Thread: On the water again, 5-20

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    Default On the water again, 5-20

    Before the heat wave gets here I figured I'd go and harass the bluegills some more on my local water. Pushed off from the beach and had lines in the water at 4:45 and the first perch on the ruler at 4:46.

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    I really wanted to find some crappie tonight as they have been scarce for me on this pond so far this year. With the bluegill spawn on, I couldn't resist working along the shore for a while and I wasn't disappointed. Had a good time with catch and release with some nice fish. Many over the 8" mark and a couple at the 9" line.

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    I worked many drop offs and weed edges looking for the crappie and for a long time I had the big ol' goose egg in the crappie column. Finally hooked the first one on the outside edge of a weed cluster in about 9' of water. I don't know what makes one weed bed so much different than all the others but it was the only spot I found a crappie hanging out on. I actually took 2 from this patch but the pics didn't come out good on the smaller of the 2. Both fell for the Crappie Magnet and I think the color is Percy once again.

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    Those would be the only 2 I'd find tonight despite tossing lots of baits in lots of places. I would take to trolling for a while as the wind came up about 6:15 and that would produce a few more perch and a couple more 'gills. And a bass or 2.
    I called it a night about 7:30 with 35 showing on the tabulator.
    I feel lucky to have had a run of trips lately but I think they'll be tapering off here for a while.
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    Thanks for sharing your great adventure with us.
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    Good job. Sounds enjoyable. Percy is a good color for me too. Thanks for sharing.

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    Nice catch. You definitely have had a lot of time on the water lately. Get it in while you can.

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