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Thread: Impulse trip, 9-17

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    Default Impulse trip, 9-17

    I've been working around the house here, cleaning up a bunch of trees I had taken down. I've been sawing, stacking, splitting, stacking, cleaning up brush and bark, etc. Hasn't left a whole lot of time for fishing. Yesterday I split and stacked for quite a while and after a late lunch and a bit of recharging, I decided to grab my stuff and head out to see what was biting. I launched about 4:15 in to a wind from the south and it would plague me all afternoon. Air temp was at 71 with water temps at 72. I had the pond to myself and hoped to have a relaxing and productive trip.
    The wind made boat control very difficult and I had a hard time following the contour I wanted to fish. I ended up drifting along out in deeper water and then turning back in to the wind, moving in closer to the 15-17' contours along the drop off and weed edges, rowing and towing my 3 lines. This worked OK, but I wasn't marking many fish; I ended up 3 small bluegill in the first hour.
    About 6pm, as the sun first dipped below the treeline, I got the first crappie in to the boat, taken from the deeper water farther out in the basin where the wind blew me. About a 10", he gave a good account of himself.

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    I hoped this was the start of something good but it was not to be. Instead, on the next fish I hooked, he tangled all 3 lines AND got off for good measure before I could see what it was. Made a big mess and I lost a lot of time getting things sorted out and retied, as well as getting blown way down the lake. GGRRrrrrrrr........
    Once I got squared away and back to fishing, I was happy to quickly hook the 2nd crappie of the night, another feisty 10"er.

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    3rd and final crappie of the trip came about 6:40 with the wind still blowing but beginning to slacken. He was a bit bigger at 11".

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    My attitude was not too good at this point so I decided simply row back to the landing in the deep water and not worry about fishing the edge. Had one good take but he simply bit the tail off my BG Swimm'r without getting the hook.
    I hit the beach shortly after 7pm and the breeze died off completely in the span of about 10 minutes; 5 minutes before I hit the beach and while I was loading up.

    At least I didn't crash the truck or get a speeding ticket on the way home; that would have really tied a bow on a frustrating outing.
    Yes, I was talking to myself; sometimes even I have to ask for expert advice.

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    That’s a fine break from all that work regardless. Thanks for taking us along ( the fishing excursion that is).
    “If your too busy to fish, you’re too busy!” Buddy Ebsen
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    Good to take a break and recharge. Glad to se you out. Have a great time before the "hard water" sets in. Tight lines.

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    Nice colors on those
    The love for fishing is one of the best gifts you can pass along

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    some beats none in crappie lip poking , nice images my friend
    sum kawl me tha outlaw ketchn whales

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