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Thread: Short after work trip, 9-13

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    Default Short after work trip, 9-13

    I was invited to fish on the limited access water again this fall and I jumped at the chance. Started around 4pm, air temp about 78, water temp at 70. I did a bit of contour mapping this afternoon of some drop offs along one shore and then cast out my 3 lines and started trolling in the 18-20' depth range. Couldn't buy a fish on the Roadrunner tonight but did real well with the Stroll'r I used on Saturday night, along with the green/white tail Stinger and a couple other plastics. Started out with a few nice ones, 11"+ for the most part

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    Wish I'd had a ruler for that last one; pretty sure it was over 12". It was also the last crappie of the night as I got in to a hoard of bluegill that just wouldn't quit. This pond has the best bluegill of any that I fish and tonight did not disappoint. Most of them would be over 8", quite a few at probably 9" and a few that would most likely have approached 9 1/2". For my area, those were trophy bluegill. Great colors, hard fighting, big numbers; what's not to like about that? I was having a ball jigging them up one after the other. They sure did put some serious twist in my lines, however. I'm gonna have to figure out a way to get that twist out as the line was wrapping around my rod tip on nearly every cast. That green with white tail Stinger was a killer tonight, as was a 2" curly tail Southern Pro grub in blue/black/chartreuse. Simply one fish after the other. I'd see them on the side imaging and adjust my travel to move over to them and simply vertical jig them. I had a smile on like a Cheshire Cat. The boat I have to use there is a leaker, and I called it a night at 7pm due to the water I had IN the boat.
    Total for the night would be I think 6 nice crappie, 2 yellow perch and upwards of 3 dozen 'gills. All were returned to catch again on my next trip. Maybe I'll shoot for a morning trip this weekend and try to put a few on ice.
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    Great short trip agsin. With Bluegill that size you were right to take advantage of them. Enjoy and wish you the best on your next visit. Tight lines.

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    Good report and pics
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    Those fish up that way sure have some awesome colors on them.
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