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Thread: After work trip, 6-9

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    Default After work trip, 6-9

    Yesterday as the work day wound down, I checked the radar map and decided to chance a fishing trip. I asked my wife to periodically check the radar and call me if any storms began to form and head toward me. I launched about 5:25 into pretty calm conditions with a storm cell to my east:

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    The thunder muttered and grumbled off in the distance for 20 minutes or so but I felt pretty confident that I would be OK; that cell began to lose its ugly and the noise tapered off and never returned. Air temp was 86 and with the hot days we've had recently, surface water temp was up to 79!

    I tossed out my 3 lines with a roadrunner and 2 stingers. 10 minutes in to my trolling the roadrunner loaded up and in came the 1st fish of the night:

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    He put up a darn good fight and the worry of a skunk was out of the boat. I continued along my route and by the time I made my way to the end of my first run, I had 2 more trout on the roadrunner and one on the green/white tail stinger. Nice fish, 12-15", not the usual 9-12" stockers. I tossed them all back but sure did enjoy the fight they gave.

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    I reversed course and headed back a bit closer to the weed line and picked up my 1st crappie of the night on one of the stingers.

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    Trolled back around the route without any other takers; the wind was nil so I began casting the weed line with the stinger and got in to a good number of 8-9" crappie tucked up tight to the weeds. No bigger fish were found there so after a while I went back to trolling and hooked a couple more trout; that roadrunner was a trout catching son of a gun tonight!

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    I allowed a couple others to shake off the hook boat side as well. Not sure of the total count but upwards of 10 trout of various flavors came in to or up to the boat, had a lot of fun with them. 1 decent crappie and perhaps a dozen smaller fish off the weed line and one little pickerel, all of 8" long which I was happy to have shake off at the boat side.
    Yes, I was talking to myself; sometimes even I have to ask for expert advice.

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    Looks like it was a productive trip
    :I would like to thank the builders of docks for giving me a place to fish and lose tackle

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    Another great tri. Outstanding results for a short time. Keep up the good times. Tight lines.

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    Great job. That is quite a catch.

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