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Thread: Sunday morning trip, 6-28

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    Default Sunday morning trip, 6-28

    I decided last night that I'd hit the water somewhere this morning before the scattered thunderstorms had a chance to move in, as predicted by the weather-guessers. I launched in calm conditions about 8:30, with a layer of fog about 100' overhead. I expected it to burn off and it did, about 45 minutes later, giving way to a sunny sky and the occasional light breeze. I chose the bigger water today, thanks to the favorable conditions. I had slow but steady action for the first hour or so, landing a crappie or 2 of around 9" or so, numerous average sized bluegill, even a small bass and a fat rock bass.

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    I was trolling 2 stingers and on the third pole I switched baits at will, trying to find the right one. The green w/white tail started out as the top choice, later to be replaced by the blue-black w/green tail.
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    I worked one section of a drop off for the first hour, then moved over to the western edge of the pond to work the weed line/drop off there. This move paid off quickly with more frequent takers, with a bit larger bluegill and more crappie coming in to the boat. I found that rowing against the light breeze produced better than drifting with it. It was also important to stay right on 12-15' depth contours; at 17-18' no action at all. From around 8' over the weeds out to 10', only scattered bluegill. Staying on the magic 12-14' edge was the ticket, with good sized bluegill and a couple of the larger crappie of the day at 10-11". Not real big but giving a good tussle anyway.

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    A couple of the larger 'gills today with nice colors

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    Big fish of the day was a nice pickerel, about 18-20" long; I didn't get a real good picture of him but did hold him up against my marks on the side of the boat for the length estimate.

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    All told, I'd say I boated about a bakers dozen crappie, 18-20 bluegills, the one each of LM bass, rock bass, pickerel and a monster yellow perch (13") who dang near took my pole overboard. I was tending to a snagged line and turned back just in time to grab it before it went over the side.
    As I released the perch I realized how much more the wind had picked up and how the clouds were building and decided to call it a day about 11:45. I probably could have stayed longer but I'd had enough of the heat. All in all, a fun and productive trip. All were released for another day of fun.
    Bluegill still fear me...but the crappie are not laughing quite as loudly as they used to.

    Ya gotta do what you have to do before you can do what you wanna do.
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    Great morning out. Wonderful results and good to avoid the storms. Tight lines.

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    Sounds like a great morning with lots of action.

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    Great report
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    Nice job out there!
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