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Thread: Sunday afternoon trip

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    Default Sunday afternoon trip

    I found a couple of spare hours yesterday afternoon so packed up and headed out. Launched just after 2 and called it a day at 5pm. I chose to go to some larger water, knowing I was going to fight the wind which had come up after being very calm all morning (what's new, right?). My plan was to work the edges, looking for bluegill beds and weeds where the crappie might be shallow so packed along both fore and aft anchors; good thing I did as I needed them. I kept the skunk out of the boat but am still searching for my first crappie of the year. First fish was an average pumpkinseed, inhaling the BG Stroll'r in live minnow color.

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    I may not have found the crappie but for sure I hit the mother lode of pickerel, ranging from 10" up to just about legal at 15"; I ended up with a half dozen of them, plus a couple I managed to shake off at the side of the boat.

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    That's one of the problems in my local waters in the early season working the edges; these guys are eager biter's and it seems the more you are targeting some other species, the better these guys bite!

    I moved out to a point that juts out in to the lake hoping to locate some beds but struck out there. I did luck in to one bluegill but repeated casts and then a slow drift over the area came up dry. Every fish but one pickerel came on this same lure (the exception being the RR with a white tailed crappie stinger). I tried a bunch of different styles and colors of BG and Souther Pro plastics, too.

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    He fought way bigger than he turned out to be so that was fun. He was also the last fish of the day. Hopefully, more of his buddies will be found next time if the crappie don't begin to cooperate. Water temp was about 58, give or take.
    Bluegill still fear me...but the crappie are not laughing quite as loudly as they used to.

    Ya gotta do what you have to do before you can do what you wanna do.
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    I would love to catch bluegill someday. There aren't any in my area. I do get onto some nice sized pumpkinseeds sometimes though. Good job.

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    Great job. Wonderful that you are getting out. Keep up the good times.

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