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Thread: Report; 11/15/19 - A Last Hurra?

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    Default Report; 11/15/19 - A Last Hurra?

    As most of you folks know, up here in the Northeast, we've had brutally early cold for the past week. Almost put the boat up on blocks, but knowing New England, I decided against it. And I'm glad I did.

    Heading to the ramp this morning, the air temperature was a "balmy" 42 degrees. When I launched just before 10 am, the water temp was 44 degrees! our local Oxbow and smaller ponds are frozen over solid! Not sure what's going on with this particular pond, but it's all for the good.

    Running out a couple of bald eagles flew overhead which was nice. Couldn't find them in the viewfinder quick enough to get a picture. But I did mange a snapshot of a hawk in a tree:

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    Not the best picture, but I was really more interested in fishing than photography!

    No one wanted to go fishing with me today, probably because it was so cold, but I just had to scratch that itch and wet a line. Non negotiable. Had to happen. So I went solo (first time this year). This is what the lake looked like as I was heading out to one of my previously successful spots:

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    Very pretty morning and very comfortable too I might add. Since I had already removed the TM & battery, my only options were to cast and/or drift, which I did both. I started out in several shallow areas (6' - 12') but couldn't raise any interest. Cast 1/16 oz. ball heads with BGBS's, along with a couple of horse head spins (custom ties). No takers up shallow at all. And no marked bait or fish.

    So I moved out in search of suspended fish and/or bait, out deeper. I was successful in locating some bait:

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    The breeze picked up and it was difficult to maintain any kind of course solo without a TM, so I mainly drifted these deeper basins, switching to 1/8 oz. jigs. Didn't mark much in the way of fish however, but I did manage to catch & release 4 crappie by the time I pulled off at about 12:45 pm. These were cookie cutters and on the small size:

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    At least I didn't get skunked! It was really quite pleasant out there to start with, but by noon, the breeze picked up considerably. I'd have probably stayed longer if someone else was in the boat with me, but I also screwed up in not having worn my heavy down parka.

    Anyway.....that breeze turned into a steadier wind and I decided to call it quits. This trip did give me the confidence in fishing solo however, so if a day presents itself in the near future, I'll certainly take advantage of it. I have a feeling that Mother Nature is going to throw us a pleasant curve ball. At least I hope so! LOL!
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    You sure are dedicated, I'll say that. Glad that you squeezed in a trip and landed a few as well. I think I'll be putting things away as 2 of my ponds are skimming over. It's been a good season of open water for sure.
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    Glad you got out again before real bad weather
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    Looks like a good trip. I would love to go out again but around here it has definitely made the change. Hopefully mother nature will be on your side coming up.

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