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Thread: Report; 9/19/19 Brrrrrrr !

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    Default Report; 9/19/19 Brrrrrrr !

    Only in New England. One day it's in the 80' it's in the 30's! That's the way it started out for us today. Walt & I launched around 8 am this morning to a bone chilling 38 degrees. Wrap your head around that bad boy! Fortunately, we are relatively accustomed to these extreme temperature swings, so we were pretty much prepared. This is what it looked like when we pulled away from the dock to start our day:

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    Shiver me timbers! Pretty darn cold by any standard. Before launching, we got a glimpse of a large beaver cruising the shoreline:

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    Pretty neat being as they are a very elusive animal. When we started fishing the water temp was still 70 degrees, so we figured, this can't have much of an effect on our crappie.....can it? Semi-wrong. We found bait & fish in several areas which told us we were in for a decent day:

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    But these fish proved to be a real challenge overall. The bite was very tentative and finicky. But all in all, we managed to catch & release 66 fish today, side pulling 1/32, 1/16 and 1/8 oz. jigs in various configurations. In that count we had a half dozen bluegill and one nice yellow perch, which took a marabou Road Runner (skiptomylu hand-tie) being side pulled over the main 22' basin. CB Sliders accounted for the majority of fish, along with a good number on straight tails as well. I even tried crankbaits, but got no love.

    Here are a few of today's catches:

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    And here's that yellow perch that I caught:

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    Walt definitely had the "hot rod" today, but over all it was a great day to be out on the water, especially with a good friend.
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    Bottle some of that cool temp and send it down south please.
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    Seems as though you guys had another stellar day there in MA. Glad that you were able to make it out on what turned out to be a great day weather-wise....and fish-wise! Hopefully, you'll both get out again real soon.
    Bluegill still fear me...but the crappie are not laughing quite as loudly as they used to.

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    I hear you about New England weather. It was our first frost of the year here that morning. Looks like a great time in the fog though. Nice catch.

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