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Thread: Report; 9/5/19

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    Default Report; 9/5/19

    Great day to be crappie fishing! Walt & I launched a bit after 8 am this morning on the Quabbin (as usual). Air was very brisk at 51 degrees (Fall is on the way), with the water still at a toasty 74 degrees. We got slammed with a strong cold front yesterday late in the day, so we were presented with a stiff breeze and bluebird skies:

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    We started off side pulling, but the breeze was stiff enough that we used the TM only infrequently. We were moving along quite well with Nature's help. We used mainly straight tails and Sliders on 1/16 & 1/8 oz. ball head jigs. Two rods each (mandated by law) with a nice spread. We hit them right off too, with several doubles. Actually the first fish of the day I nailed a few minutes after 8 am, over 23' of water. Put up one heck of a fight too. Turned out to be a dandy of a pickeral! What it was doing there, cruising the mid depths is beyond me. Lost it at boat side fortunately.

    Here's a screen shot of the typical bait balls & fish we encountered throughout the morning:

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    Plentiful bait and fish throughout the main basin areas. The action was hot & heavy for awhile too. When we pulled off a bit after 1 pm, we had caught & released 84 fish; 5 bluegill, the one pickeral and the rest being crappie. Not a bad day if I don't say so. After about 10:30 am, the wind died down and so did the bite. This is what it looked like at that time:

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    Very pretty day indeed! We certainly were Blessed. The wind died almost totally after that and the bite did as well, which is why we called it. Here are a few of our catches:

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    (Yeah, I know.....I gotta smile more!) LOL!

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    Great day to be on the water with an outstanding fishing partner. THANKS Walt!
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    Good job guys

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    Nice report and you're correct, Fall IS on the way! We felt it in the air here as well. Sure was a nice day to get out there after 'em.
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    Great day by the looks. Drifting with the wind and using the trolling motor only to help control the drift has been a great tactic for me also. Good job.

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