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Thread: Aquatic therapy last night, 8-1

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    Default Aquatic therapy last night, 8-1

    After a hot, stressful day yesterday, I decided to head over to the pond and wet a line and depressurize a bit. Hit the water about 5:30 and called it a night around 7:30. I had no interest in cleaning fish last night so all were returned for another time. I started out with the usual offerings; Tennessee shad stinger, green/white tailed stinger and the road runner with a blue/black/white tail stinger. My first five fish all came on the gray Tennessee shad stinger, one right after the other. I'd toss it back out, take a lick or 2 with the oars and it would load up again. Road runner never had a hit at all.

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    I worked my way along my usual route; I hooked a good number trolling at first then the action dropped off so I took to casting to the weed line. Oddly, along one portion of weed line, the gray was the lure of choice while further along, the green body/white tail became the favorite.

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    I would cast 6-8 times in a given area with one color, often times not hooking anything then grab the other color and re-cover that same area and catch some.

    As the shadows lengthened, the bite actually tapered off and I had quite a stretch with no action. I was ready to call it a night so I hooked on the road runner, the green/white and the gray/green tail Slabilicious and trolled my way back to the launch. Final fish of the night came on the Slabilicious; he hit it hard and fought like crazy compared to the others:

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    All in all, a good way to relieve some stress and learn a little more about our favorite quarry, by whatever name you refer to them as. Total tally was about 15 crappie, 3 bluegill and 1 bass.
    Bluegill still fear me...but the crappie are not laughing quite as loudly as they used to.

    Ya gotta do what you have to do before you can do what you wanna do.
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    Beautiful fish, great report, thanks for sharing.
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    Great that you were able to get out in this heat. Rich and I have been locked in the houses because it is too hot. Have a great time.

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    Awesome report! You did great. And best of all, you felt a lot better for it, right.
    "A voyage in search of knowledge need never abandon the spirit of adventure."

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    Nice catch. Way to go through your colors and get results.

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