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Thread: 2 trips in 2 days

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    Default 2 trips in 2 days

    Finally!!! It's been an odd spring and early summer; seems like every time I hope to get out to fish something comes up that needs to be taken care of. At last, on Monday the 8th, I made my first summer trip to see what was bitin'. On the water about 5:15 and off at 8:30. Slow to start, as there were a lot of other folks on the water and I wasn't able to cruise around in my favorite areas to start. Hooked my first fish about 6:30 and shortly after that, was able to move over into my usual areas to troll and began to get more action. Kept on my 3 favorite colors from last year all night. The roadrunner with the blue/white and green tail was hit by some quality fish; this one was about 11". I lost 2 nice fish, unknown species, as they hit me hard and took me right down to the bottom, pulling hard and taking drag before they got off.

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    The green with white tail took a long time to hook its first fish but once the bite turned on a bit more, it accounted for probably 60% of my catch, while the grey with sparkle tail landed about 30% of the rest and the roadrunner filling out the balance.

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    I didn't keep track of the number of fish caught but I'd say 3-4 small bluegill and about 10 crappie. The crappie were all 10"+, with one upwards of 13", nice sized fish.

    The weather is supposed to get more humid as the week goes on so I hemmed and hawed a bit but finally decided to make another trip after work today, the 9th. I decided to try a different pond which is much bigger with more parking. I haven't fished this pond for probably near 30 years so had no idea what to expect. I last fished it for bass, before concentrating more on the panfish. I did have a contour map and my HB so felt confident I could at least catch something there. Got on the water about 5:30 and left them biting at 7:30, so I could navigate the weedy channel back to the launch. Started trolling with the same 3 lures as on the other pond and they proved to be quite popular on this new water as well. I basically followed the weed edge along in 12-18' of water and had a very busy evening!

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    Once again, this color was the hot ticket for the crappie; the road runner landed a few but the bluegill wouldn't leave it alone; kept nipping the tail off it at first but later they began to take it with gusto and not nip off the tail. The grey stinger was evenly split between the 'gills and the crappie. I didn't keep track of numbers but guess I boated around 30 crappie from 9-12" and probably a dozen basic bluegill, only one would I say was a big one and he was maybe 8". Lot's of doubles tonight; usually on the 2 stingers not the roadrunner. Got one small bass on the gray one, too. Only bass of the day.

    Hopefully, the fishing trips will become a bit more regular now and I can perhaps bring a cooler along and start putting a few in the freezer; I've only got a couple of packages left in there; time to restock.
    Bluegill still fear me...but the crappie are not laughing quite as loudly as they used to.

    Ya gotta do what you have to do before you can do what you wanna do.

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    Great post and I'm happy you're getting out again. Ya gotta love those Road Runners!
    "A voyage in search of knowledge need never abandon the spirit of adventure."

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    Great job. Those are some nice catches.

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    Great to see you aut again. Nice fish. Tight lines to you.

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