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Thread: Report; 11/7/18

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    Default Report; 11/7/18

    What a great day to be fishing! Since the Oxbow & Ct. River are totally flooded, Walt & I decided to hit a local pond. We've finally got a break in the rain/cold weather, so we needed to take advantage of it.

    We launched at 9:30 am this morning with the air at 51 degrees and the water at 46. Breezes were light & variable, which made for a very pleasant fishing experience. Here's what the day looked like for us:

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    We started off side pulling 1/8 & 1/16 oz. jigs dressed with various plastics, but kept getting short strikes. This is what we saw on the sonar over the deep basin area:

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    The screen remained filled with fish & bait the entire morning, but the active fish were definitely DEEP! No more than a foot or so off the bottom and we vertically jigged with a light breeze drifting us slowly along. Very productive and pleasant way to fish!

    When we pulled off at 1 pm, we had recorded 47 fish caught & released; 30 crappie, 13 yellow perch, 2 bluegill (yep, on the bottom at 30'!), 1 LM bass and one feisty rainbow trout to round out the variety for us.

    Although most were on the small side, it was great catching them on UL rigs with 2# test line that way. (Love my SHSS 9' Rod!) Here are some of the fish we caught:

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    Lots of fun and a great outing with a fine fisherman. Life is good! God Bless America.
    "A voyage in search of knowledge need never abandon the spirit of adventure."

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    Way to go guys!
    I have spent most my life fishing........the rest I wasted.
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    Very nice as usual guys. Glad your still able to get out some. Beautiful scenery!

    The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad.
    -A.K. Best

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    You sure picked a perfect day to get after them! Thanks for the report.
    Crappie laugh at me...bluegill fear me

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    after traveling all over the beautiful New England States (10/11-18-2018)and talking with a few people about crappie looks like ya'll have it to yourselves .. I real liked the looks of the Connecticut river ...reminded me of our rivers in Louisiana ...good luck fishing.....

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