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They claim it did help the lake there. Say there are still plenty of limits caught. I just want them to put the 10" Minimum back on Toledo Bend. When they dropped the limits to 25 per person from 50, they also just took the minimum length off. They use to also have a law that said from I think this month until Feb. they could not throw back a crappie no matter how small they were. That was because of The Chicken Coop where they stack up in winter and catch them like 40' down and too many die when caught so they just said keep them all!

Many, many moons ago when I was a teenager fishing for bass in Stockton California I fished a lake that was over run with small bass but anything over 15 " was extremely rare. The State changed the limit on that lake where you had to keep every bass you caught that was 12" or smaller but could not keep anything over 12". Five years later you could catch 24" and larger bass on the lake. The State resumed normal size limits for the lake.

So I believe it would be better to lower the limit to something like 8" on a lake such as Joe Pool to remove more of the crappie from the lake.

This would not impact what I currently keep as I seldom keep more than 5 crappie and only keep crappie between 11"-13" for my personal use. But I do believe it would increase the size of crappie caught over time on Joe Pool Lake.