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Thread: December time

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    Default December time

    I was going to Florida in mid December to lake Kissimmee. I will have a few days on way home. I was think Louisiana but also have never been to south carolina
    was thinking lake Marion. Is mid December a good time of year to fish there?
    what is weather like?
    i will be staying in truck camper and towing a boat
    Any suggestions on a lake or camping would be helpful there looked like some nice campgrounds on the lakes

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    In my opinion any time is good to fish the santee-cooper lakes. Except when the wind is blowing Lol. No seriously mid December u will just miss the fall feed up. But there will still be plenty of fish to be caught. If u have a good graph u will be on good shape. I would start in some of the main creeks 1st just to check them out pulling or pushing will work taw caw creek potato creek jacks creek and the main run on wyaboo. Because all fish dont go deep in the winter. If that doesn't work for u then I would head to the main river channel there are a number of things to look for 1st I would look for bait on ur graph. 2nd the river channel if funny here it bends and turns from Randolph's landing all the way to packs and beyond. When the river makes hard turns is what u should be looking for. There will be natural and man made Brush in those channel bends. If all else fails I would head to the swamp across from stump hole landing and single pole fish the grass beds the numbers may not be the great but the quality of fish that u will catch will make it worth ur wild. I'm sure someone else will have some advice. Good luck to u and please be careful. It can be a very dangerous place!!!!!!

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    Fellow truck camper here also. Santee State Park is a decent campground with nice ramp/parking. There are 2 campgrounds and I've stayed at the furthest one. We only fished it once straight across from the landing and did just ok. I have fished Carolina King area for cats and did well. They have a few camp spots, tackle store and cabins.

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