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Thread: Humminbird's latest updat 2.110 images

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6poundtest View Post
    I've read all the reports as the updates come out and frankly, I'm hesitant to take a chance on any of them. Horror stories abound on other forums from those who've updated and things have gotten worse, not better. This 2.11 seems to have more good than bad being written about it so it might be time to bite the bullet and try it. I think I'm still back around version 1.4 something on my 1st generation Helix 10 SI. Nothing hooked to it, no network or sensors or anything but still.......
    I hear you and I understand. I certainly don't update my units with every new update. I only updated this time because of the ability to use my lowQ transducer along with my SI/DI transducer. The other update enhancements were bonus benefits. If there is nothing you can use in this update then don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp2 View Post
    Did Humminbird ever get a fix for thier inconsistent depth reading problem?
    The majority were fixed in 1.900 and 1.940 ...

    I haven't heard of any remnant issue of the shallow water depth issue in 2.110 ...(except 1 rare report in heavy weeds) ...

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