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Thread: Guidelines for the Side/Down Imaging Forum

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    Exclamation Guidelines for the Side/Down Imaging Forum

    I've talked with slabbandit about this forum, and we have a few ideas for guidelines that we think will make this forum operate smoothly and stay organized. These are guidelines, not absolute rules, and member input is always welcome for changing them or adding to them.

    1. Descriptive Titles-A title like "SI images from today" or "Cool SI image" makes it hard to find something when you are looking for it. "Crappie school on a brushpile" is a much better title.
    2. One image or set of images to a thread- Multi-page threads with comments and images scattered through the thread are hard to navigate. If there is a discussion and a new image adds to the discussion, it is fine, but multiple threads are far easier to look through than a long thread. Collection threads, like "Weird things found on sidescan" are acceptable.
    3. No brand bashing. This one is probably more of a rule than a guideline, and may be the only one rigidly enforced. It adds nothing to the discussion and generates hard feelings for no good reason. Even joking about it can cause tempers to flare. Legitimate discussions about differences are more than welcome.
    4. Credit for images-If you link to an image that isn't yours or is posted on another site, it would be best to have permission from the original poster, to give them credit in your post, and link directly to the image.

    Input is always welcome.
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