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  1. Tournament results June 2019 Woods Res Night tournament

    MTCC fished from Morris Ferry dock on Saturday night June 22nd for our first night tourney of 2019. We had 15 boats fish this event even though we had some rain and storms looming near. Thankfully...
  2. THem Johnson fellers done knocked me and my...

    THem Johnson fellers done knocked me and my partner out of 2 straight Normandy wins. They come ready to win in 2018. :) They had 1 impresseive stringer at over 11 pounds. Congrats to them both, they...
  3. We had a crappie tourney in TN last weekend and...

    We had a crappie tourney in TN last weekend and it was won by a team fishing brush in about 20 fow 12 foot deep in the brush. Best 7 went over 11 pounds. Me and my partner was fishing brush in 24 fow...
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    The 2 pound plus fish pot

    MTCC started a new pot at last Thursdays meeting that does not pay unless a 2 pound or larger fish is taken in one of our monthly points tournaments. We agreed on $20 per person for this extra pot....
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    Two pound plus fish pot

    MTCC started a new pot at last Thursdays meeting that does not pay unless a 2 pound or larger fish is taken in one of our monthly points tournaments. We agreed on $20 per person for this extra pot....
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    Enjoyed the read Dave. Thanks for posting

    Enjoyed the read Dave. Thanks for posting
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    May 19th 2018 Woods Res Results

    MTCC fished Woods Res May 19th 2018 with 14 boats fishing this event. We blasted off at 6 AM and weighed in at 1 PM. Results are as follows.
    Ray & Audrey Vander Wielen won with 8.30 pound stringer...
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    MTCC April results for Normamdy

    MTCC fished Normandy April 21st. Was a nice day out on the water with 10 boats fishing this event. Robert Baker & Larry Britton won with 9.47 and took BF with 1.90. JW Jackson fishing with Steve...
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    Thanks for posting Dave. I appreciate you doing...

    Thanks for posting Dave. I appreciate you doing that.
  10. Nov 18th 2017 / Nov 24th / Dec 16th MTCC Tourney Results

    Results for this tourney are as follows.

    Nov 18th
    1 Rodney & Coby Edwards 11.18 BF 1,.96
    2 Robert Baker & Larry Britton 2nd 8.96 BF 1.76

    Nov 24th
    1 Matthew & Evan Nash 7.12 pounds
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    Tims ford wildcat tournament

    MTCC held a quickie wildcat tourney last Sat Nov 4th at Tims Ford. We had 8 boats fish this tourney. It was a 1 pole at a time and an artificial only tournament. We blasted off at 7 AM and began our...
  12. Todays Woods Reservoir October 21st Results

    MTCC Fished it's October tournament today at Woods Reservoir. We had a total of 14 boats fish this event which was another October record. Previous most in Oct was 11 boats. We blasted off at 7 AM...
  13. Normandy tourney results Sept 23rd 2017

    MTCC fished Normandy Sat Sept 23rd 2017. We launched 14 boats at 7 AM all to be back at 2 PM for our weigh-in. Was a tough day for many teams however as only 4 teams found 7 fish limits. Even though...
  14. Woods Res tourney results Sept 9th 2017

    MTCC held a tourney Sat Sept 9th to get fish for our fish fry later in the month. We enjoyed good weather for this event. We did something a little different. We held a main championship where you...
  15. Tims Ford tourney Results August 19th 2017

    MTCC fished from devil's step ramp Sat Aug 19th 2017 on beautiful Tim's Ford Lake. It was a really nice day out, lots of sun and some heat but not that bad on heat compared to most August days of...
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    Woods Res Results July 22nd


    MTCC fished its monthly points tourney at Woods Res Sat July 22nd with 14 boats entering this tourney. We fished from 6 AM start to a 12 PM weigh in. We had all but 3 boats find fish this...
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    MTCC Normandy June Results

    MTCC fished Normandy last weekend over night. We blasted off at 8 pm and was back for weigh in start at 1 AM. We had 12 boats fish this tourney. This year for a change we had decent weather. No rain...
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    Our club added in a few bonuses during...

    Our club added in a few bonuses during tournaments for some added incentives. Bonuses such as dock shooting only. Tim's Ford is a pretty good lake for catching crappie on the docks. We offered a...
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    Tims Ford Results May 20th 2017

    Had 13 boats fish this tourney, Sat May 20th at Tims Ford. Weather was very nice and calm most of the day and the rain finally was no where in site during a tourney. :) Not been the case for a while...
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    Great report Dave.

    Great report Dave.
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    Woods Results for April

    First Teams tourney of 2017 written by Toby Ivey, a big fan of Leonard's Loser broadcast like used to be on Friday nights or Saturday mornings before college football games years ago. He used to give...
  22. We looking for more folks who want to fish with us

    MTCC is looking for folks in the area who would like to be a part of us. MTCC has something for ALL types of crappie anglers. We are NOT just about fishing tournaments & beating one another although...
  23. MTCC Kicked off season @ Normandy March 18th 2017

    MTCC kicked off its 2017 season at Normandy March 18th. We blasted off on this dreary, rainy day for a 7 AM to 2 PM finish. We had 16 boats fish the tourney with many regulars out this day for...
  24. Feb 18th 2017 Normandy Lake tourney Results

    :welcomeMTCC fished its last tournament of 2016 season last Saturday Feb 18th 2017 at Normandy Lake. It was a cloud covered day that became a rainy day about the time we blasted off at 8 AM.:banghead...
  25. Tim's Ford Jan 21st 2017 tourney results

    :welcome MTCC fished Sat Jan 21st from devils step ramp. The day started out with a little wind & rain :mad: but all teams that showed up to fish look as if they came out alright.:crazy: Lots of good...
  26. Woods Res Results Dec 17th 2016

    MTCC fished yesterday at Woods Reservoir. Weather was calling for 15 MPH winds cloudy but a good south wind with relatively warm temps for this day which made it not so bad cold. We had 7 boats fish...
  27. Normandy Results Nov tourney fished on Dec 3rd

    We missed our Nov tourney due to bad weather and refished it yesterday Dec 3rd. We were glad the rain held off so we could get this in. Weather was not a big factor this day however it was pretty...
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    MTCC Tims Ford Results

    MTCC fished Tims Ford on Friday. We call it blacknose Friday as we rather fish than shop. Biggest blacknose can trump any other crappie for big fish this day and the club also puts up extra pot for...
  29. Cancelled Normandy tourney for Sat Nov 19th

    MTCC cancelled its Nov 19th 2016 tourney at Normandy due to low water conditions coupled with deteriorating weather conditions. Probably will reschedule for Dec 2nd, although that is not yet...
  30. BlackNose crappie

    It depends to be honest. Two weeks ago we had 3 or 4 black nose out of 8 total keepers. Sat I only remember a very teams having any fish that were black nose but I wasnt really paying that a lot of...
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