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Thread: New Smyrna Beach Daytona Beach Mosquito Lagoon Florida

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    Default New Smyrna Beach Daytona Beach Mosquito Lagoon Florida

    Summeris knocking at the door here on the North Indian River and MosquitoLagoon Florida, water temps approaching 80’F, mullet and baitfishschools here for the summer, big variety of different saltwater fishspecies to be caught here in the backwaters. Through the summer wewill be catching Seatrout, Redfish, Snook, Mangrove Snapper, BlackDrum, Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish and always other surprise fish too.Summer patterns can be mostly scattered fish in the warm water withfish in ambush point locations, creek mouths and points with a goodtidal current flow, and shadowing baitfish schools, and bait andcrabs riding the tide along moving water channels. Fun surfacestriking fish are great for summer sight fishing activity, with openwater fish like Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish and even Tarpon, but Troutand Redfish will also come to the top. Summer baits include liveshrimp, pigfish, pinfish, and finger mullet, for artificials , earlymorning top waters, 3” shad tail jigs and twitch baits. Morningtrips are the summer norm, early feeding fish and a little coolerthan the heat of mid day. Ed from Astor, Florida out with a couplefriends on a recent backcountry trip caught all the usual differentspecies as well as this over slot 28” Redfish on a live shrimp andlight tackle……………..

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    Repeatclient Mike from Buffalo NY caught a good back water Black Drum……………………

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    SpottedSeatrout are one of our main summer target species, usually hungry onsummer mornings taking live baits and artificial lures, average size“Specks” are schooling fish, with larger Seatrout usually moresolitary fish, we catch them on the edge of drop offs as well asshallow water flats near bait fish schools. Kacie with one of theTrout she caught on her trip…………………

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    Kristinand Dennis from Alaska came fly fishing with me, landing Trout, JackCrevalle, and Ladyfish on 6 weight fly tackle with my “SavedowSpecial” back water flies…………………

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    Thisyear has been good here for Black Drum, catching good numbers duringwinter and spring, along the bottom on channel edges and back countryholes, they mainly eat shrimp and crabs, Dan from Lakeland Floridacaught a nice one………..

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    Ona fun trip with first time solo client Thomas from Texas we caughtSnook, Reds, Jacks and more, Tom snapped a pic of me with a Red Icaught on a 3” white shad tail jig off the edge of a flooded oysterbar………………..

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    JackCrevalle are a staple of our fun rod bending backcountry catching,they are not picky, eat most any bait or lure, sizes usually 1 to 5lbs in the back waters……………………...

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    Capt.Michael Savedow
    EdgewaterRiver Guide, Inc. Since 2003
    Likes Skippa Chippa, specktacklure LIKED above post

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    Ok cool
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    Nice report with a variety of fish being caught !!
    The finest gift you can give to any fisherman is to put a good fish back, and who knows if the fish that you caught isn't someone else's gift to you?"

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