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Thread: Crappie wrangler, How I use tape

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    Default Crappie wrangler, How I use tape

    I tried to post this in a pm but it wouldn't load, so here it is. As I was explaining this morning, Place the tape outside the area on the blank you want to wrap. In my case I am doing a spiral wrap similar in fashion to a barbers pole, Start your thread on one end, and wrap to the other end, over and over. The way I seen it done in several videos the thread is cut once you get to the other end, and of coarse it is secured with the tape. Here I am using the only tape I have on hand,( and not the best), which is duct tape. A two sided tape would be much better. Name:  IMG_20180814_075430.jpg
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Size:  30.9 KB. Then when you finish with everything you are going to do on this particular wrap, you finish with a traditional wrap/winding like you would wrap a guide,Name:  IMG_20180813_142638.jpg
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Size:  34.4 KB, securing the spiral wrap.
    Hope this explains it better than I did this morning. Eric, AKA "jamesdean".
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