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Thread: How to get started

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    Default How to get started

    Sometimes the hardest part of any new hobby or venture is getting started. I wish the below list was made available to me when I first got started. I created this a month or so ago for another Crappie Dot Com member who was thinking about getting in to the Rod Building Hobby. The below is a list of necessary tools that you will need to get started along with the locations to purchase those tools.

    The first thing you will need is a good hand wrapper. There are several on the market and Iím sure all of them work well. The one I am listing is one that I purchased years ago and continue to use to this day. I like the thread holder design in the horizontal position instead of vertical like some other companies. This one is $49.95 and the link is:

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    Another good hand wrapper that is built the same as above is from Acid Rods and is $36.89. It is almost identical to the one above.
    Rod Wrapping and Drying Equipment

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    The next piece of equipment you will need is a good rod dryer for applying your finish coats. Again, there are tons of them on the market but, if we are looking for something that works well and doesnít break the bank, the Pacific Bay rod dryer RDM-1 should fit the bill. It is the exact same one that I have used for years. One of the better prices I have found is from Acid Rods. Same link as above. It will be located towards the end of the page on the left hand side.

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    Understand that there are many great rod wrappers and dryers on the market. If you think it might be something you are going to do a lot of, I might suggest a dual purpose model like the one I advised my buddy to purchase. He loves it. It again is located on the Acid Site and is the Pac Bay RW-3L. It is quite pricey and it is NOT something that you need. I would NOT suggest starting out with it but something to look at for the future.

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    Here is a list of other tools I would recommend getting in order to build your first rod and all the ones like it in the future. Again, everything that I am listing (except the expensive wrapper) is the same stuff that I purchased years ago and still use to this day.

    To make it easy, I will keep all the tools to one site. Understand that you might be able to purchase them a touch cheaper at other locations!
    Tools & Equipment

    Bubble Buster $4.95
    Plastic Burnishing tool $2.25
    E-Dish $3.95
    KB quick pull $3.95
    Razor Blades $8.95
    Forecast Dream Reamer Kit $58.95
    Fuji Tip Top Glue $3.95
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    The following is a list of things you will need to glue up your handles, put your wraps on, and finish your rods. Again, I will keep them all at one location.
    Rod Building Supplies |

    Flex coat color preserver $3.25
    ProKote 4 Rod Supply Kit $17.99
    Thread to get started. I would use size A. Prowrap Color fast is what I use but you can mix in metallic and even glow in the dark!
    Wrapping Thread For Fishing Rods |

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    The majority of the stuff listed above can be used over and over again.

    I recommend the Youtube series from Get Bit Outdoors to learn how to build rods from start to finish.
    Once you watch that you will have a better understanding of the materials used to go in to making a rod, the starting point, and the ending point. Here is a link to the playlist:

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    Thank you for this very informative information. Should help many.

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    Great info.Thanks for putting it all together here for us.

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    Great information Rich. Thank you again for your PM. Be blessed in all you do and for passing your knowledge on to the next generation of rod builders. As for me, I will stick to making my own soft plastics. AT 73, I do not think I have the skills or the patience to try building my own rod.....but you never know. Thanks again for all you do.


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