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Thread: June B'n'M Contest

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    Default June B'n'M Contest

    I stepped out this morning to fly the Flag, straight and true.
    A tip of my hat to the red, white and blue.

    When what to my wondering eyes does appear?
    A box full of treasure. Its B'n'M gear!

    Into the house I went with a dash.
    Ripped open the box, as quick as a flash.

    Two rods and reels, slab sauce and a sticker.
    My eyes are wide open. My heart beating quicker.

    "You're not going fishing.", she said right on cue.
    "The neighbors are waiting with hot barbecue."

    I smile and I nod, like it's all okay.
    But I want to go fishing. I want to go play.

    The slab sauce is calling, the fish gathered tight.
    The boat is all loaded and the wind is just right!

    Well tomorrow will be here. It will be a new day.
    I'll go in the morning and I'll do it my way.

    *** I sincerely thank B'n'M and for the fantastic prize. I can't wait to get everything on the water. I also want to thank "G" for moderating this and getting this shipped to me so quickly. Thank you to all.

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    What an awesome thank you poem! Very creative and impressive. Congrats on the win. Have fun!
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