It is with much regret that we have decided to Cancel this years Crappie Camp at Houghton Lake this June.

Your co hosts have had to make this difficult decision that we will be cancelling this years camp due to the recent Coronavirus social distancing rules.

We will plan on being next years 2021 Crappie camp hosts and have decided to hold it the same place with all the things we were going to do at this years camp in effect for 2021. Nothing changes in that regard.

What will change is that due to the cancellation last years winner keeps the "Wilbur" trophy in their possession and the 2020 plaque will read "Corona"


Since we already have the silk screen paid for we will go ahead and print up shirts UNLESS YOU COMMENT in this thread to cancel your order. If anyone who did not order one and wants to we will still take orders for them......personally I am still wanting to keep my order if for no other reasons than, they look cool, they represent a camp that got cancelled and I still want to help recover some of the expenses we already incurred.

Sub specie paddle trophies

These too have already been made up, I will ask the artist if it is possible to alter them to read 2021......if not, well next years winners will receive a trophy from the camp that never was. I don't know how else to address that.

Fall Camp
As I said we will still co host next springs camp, but anyone who would like to host a fall event please feel free to take that would be nice to still do something as a group if anyone chooses to.

in Closing

Please remember to call the campground and cancel your reservation unless you still want to go by yourself and not as a group.

I really hoped we would be able to do this event and that restrictions would have been lifted sooner, but at this time, with camp getting closer.....your co hosts don't want to make that call and endanger anyones health......thank you for your understanding.

Anything I have not covered feel free to comment.

Steve, Judy, John and Wanda