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Thread: PICTURES SELL your stuff !!!

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    Wink PICTURES SELL your stuff !!!

    Follow "G"'s instructions below, to add pics to your sales ad !!

    ... cp
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    Easier way to post pictures from your computer.
    You can change your "Setting" (upper right corner) to use the WYSIWYG editor which allows you to more quickly upload pics.

    Go to: "Setting" (upper right corner)
    Click on "General Settings" (left side, middle of My Settings box)
    Go to bottom of page and select:
    • Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing

    Then after you have changed your settings here is what you do ,go make a the upper left of your post window there are some icons run your curser over them the square looking one should say Insert Image

    instructions for posting pics............
    First you have to click on the "insert image" icon. It is located between the "unlink" icon (that has a red x on it) and the "insert video" icon (that looks like a film strip). These icons are located just above where you type in the quick reply area. Once you click on "insert image", then the box pops up that has the words "insert image" at the top, as the title. Just under the words "insert image" at the top are 2 tabs (choices). One tab is "my computer" and next to it is a tab that says "From URL". It the picture is on your computer, make sure and click on the "my computer" tab (if should turn grey if selected) Then in the bottom right of that box are the words "basic uploader". Click on those words and then click on the "choose file" button that shows up. Then select your pic, click open....then click upload....give it a minute...then click submit.
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