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Thread: Just An Idea Or Two

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    Default Just An Idea Or Two

    Shame it doesn't fit anywhere else. Recycling maggie containers. 1 > couple rare earth magnets to allow wet jigs to dry. Also added a couple snuff boxes. 2 > One to pour some nibbles in. I do believe chaunc said letting them in the air dries them a bit and better to stay on the hook. The other box is for all the non magnetic stuff like lead shot and brass. I got that stuff rolling all over the boat deck. 3 > Elastic rod wraps. My boat and garage are full of dry rotted rubber bands. I've made them for several years and just noticed the Brushpile Fishing website sells them. Bit to windy to fish for me so I just did yard stuff, putz with the boat and in the shop. After the rain tonight I'm figuring on a visit to Wilhelm tomorrow.

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    I bought a roll of Velcro that I cut strips long enough to wrap my rods together. Pretty cheap and a roll has lasted me going on three seasons now. Doesnít hurt when a strip blows out of the boat. I just cut a new one and Iím good.
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