Went out to Pymatuning the other evening. We were all set up by 8pm. Got some little cats right off on jigs and nibbles. Dropped the green lights in at 8:30. By 9 the baitfish started showing up and I must say I was impressed. When dark finally settled we were surrounded by balls of bait and large marks of fish from surface to bottom in 17 ft. on the Hummer down imaging. 2 rods set with minnows at various levels and 2 rods set with jigs of assortment. Tried tipping with nibbles maggies and minners on the jigs. Cast and slow retrieve, dropped straight down and slowly fished from bottom up. I never saw such activity on sonar. Left at 11 pm. End result = 0. That was my first adventure with green lights at night. We got spanked and only harvested food for thought. I'll figure this out some how some day but that was educating to say the least.