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Thread: Big fish thread

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    Default Best of May 03 to 16 @ Lake Perris

    The lake is still rising - probably until June.
    All fish were caught using 2lb Yo-Zuri Hybrid or izorline XXX - mostly the Yo-Zuri because of the extreme conditions. The Chub Belly Spinner 1/48th #6 EC hook, 00 Willow or Indiana blades was the only pattern used. Jigs were tipped with crickets. Fished 8 times, each trip average ~3 hours. Have donated over 2 dozen jigs to LP - good thing I know the guy that makes them.
    Water temp ranged from 66*F to 68*F (inlet water is keeping lake cool - good for me - bad for fish), trolled in 21 to 28 FOW - more on the deeper side now. Lots of BIG fish are cruising these water - post & pre spawn - feeding on hatches and baitfish. I don't think you will see these fish on beds because they spawn in deep water. People here are starting to take 9" & 10" fish off of beds...
    Some pictures are of the same fish - on the board & landscape. All fish were released and are waiting to be caught again. There are four 2lb+ CNBG, two or three should have been weighed. One 2lber was caught 5/03, 1st cast on 5/04 produced another one... On 5/15 the 2nd to the last fish caught was a 2lber then on 2/16 the 2nd fish caught was another 2lber. Life is good.
    Pretty sure Lake Perris will be kicking out a 3 pound fish very shortly. Haven't touched the dam - yet.

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